A Change for Everyone

Bold, enigmatic and a head turner, the all new Ford Figo is ready to hit the roads. Kinetic Design, intelligent features like Bluetooth and best-in-class Ride and Handling, make it a smart choice for your daily tussle with the road.

Kinetic Design

The large hexagonal lower grille, sloping roofline, big day-light opening and sculpted side panels give the Figo its signature look. Adding to this, the planted, sure footed stance and wide, muscular look inspire confidence and imply safety.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Stay connected while on the move with the new Ford Figo and hit the roads carefree.
  • Simply pair your Bluetooth mobile with the audio unit and start a conversation.
  • Pair up to 4 phones and access full phone book, dialed numbers, received & missed calls on the audio display.
  • You can mute the call, switch to Privacy Mode, get second Call Alerts and SMS Alerts without reaching for your phone.
  •  You can also stream music from your phone.

Best-in-Class Ride and Handling

The Ford Figo has well-engineerd steering for better sense of control and the ride is comfortable without compromising on body roll and handling along with the steering.
  • Light and precise steering for better control
  • Optimized suspension for comfortable ride
  • Swift movements and controls that provides better driving experience